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3 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Urinating on the Carpet September 18, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Urinating on the Carpet, Lincoln, Nebraska

Dogs make wonderful pets and trusted companions, but when you first bring them home, there is often a learning curve for both you and the new pup. Even well-trained adult dogs might have an accident or two on your flooring as they adjust to the new environment. Use these tips to train your new house member and prevent emergency calls to your carpet cleaning service.

How to Prevent Dog Accidents on Your Carpet

1. Set a Schedule

Whether you've brought home a puppy or a full-grown dog, you'll need to establish a consistent bathroom schedule. Most dogs will need to urinate three to five times a day. However, young bladders will often need to be relieved every two hours. To minimize accidents, take them outside more often in the early days of their adoption. As they adjust to going outside and grow older, you can decrease the frequency, but avoid waiting longer than eight hours.

2. Create a Barrier

carpet cleaningAs your new dog is learning boundaries and adjusting to their schedule, take precautions to prevent unnecessary carpet cleaning. Install a gate around your carpeted areas to stop your pup from entering these regions of the home. Once they’re fully trained or the cause of their accidents is solved, you can give them more access. You can also use these barriers in the future to prevent your dog from tracking dirt and mud onto the flooring.

3. See Your Vet

If you have an older dog who hasn't previously had a problem with urinating in the house, take them to a veterinarian. This might be a behavioral issue, but it could also be a sign of a health condition. Urinary tract infections are a common reason why house-trained dogs start having accidents. In senior dogs, it could be due to incontinence, a form of dementia, or kidney failure.


When your pet has an accident, contact the professionals at All Care Restorations in Lincoln, NE, for immediate carpet cleaning services. Their fully licensed and certified team has over 50 years of combined industry experience and receives continual education to maintain high standards. Call them today at (402) 421-3779 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website to learn more about their carpet cleaning services.

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