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3 Ways Marriage Affects Your Insurance Policies September 18, 2019

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3 Ways Marriage Affects Your Insurance Policies, Kodiak, Alaska

When you’re planning a wedding, insurance premiums are probably far from your mind. However, as you build your new life together, you’ll need to update these policies to protect your new assets. Below are a few ways getting married can affect your home, car, and property insurance.

What Newlyweds Should Know About Insurance

1. Get Your Rings Covered

Like many newlyweds, your engagement and wedding rings may be some of the most expensive items you own. Homeowners and renters insurance policies both include personal property protection, which should cover the cost of your rings if they’re stolen or destroyed in a covered event. However, make sure that your agent has them listed in your file. If they’re especially valuable, consider getting a separate property insurance policy, which also protects against accidental loss or damage.

2. Adjust Your Home Insurance Policy

property insuranceIf you’re moving in together after marriage or are upgrading to a bigger apartment or house, your renters or home insurance policy will have to change accordingly. If the new premiums are higher, installing a security system, fence, or new roof may qualify you for a potential discount.

3. Check Your Auto Insurance Options

As a general rule, auto insurance rates are lower for married couples. However, if either of you has a spotty driving history or an especially valuable vehicle, it may be best to maintain separate policies. An experienced agent will help you decide which course of action is best for your unique situation.

Since 1969, newlyweds throughout Alaska have relied on the Sweeney Insurance Agency for help protecting their most valuable assets. Whether you’re looking for property insurance or coverage for a new house, their independent agents will shop around to find policies designed to meet your needs. Visit their website for an overview of their products. Call (907) 486-3101 to request a property insurance quote today.

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