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An Introduction to Memorial Markers  October 21, 2019

Sansom Park, Fort Worth
An Introduction to Memorial Markers , Fort Worth, Texas

Family members from all over the world have used burial monuments and memorial markers to identify where their loved one was laid to rest. Losing a family member or close friend is an incredibly difficult time, and many become overwhelmed with selecting a memorial marker or monument. There are many models to choose from, and they have shifted in style over time. Below, learn what a memorial marker is, how it has changed, and why you can consider it during the funeral planning process. 

What Is a Memorial Marker?

When a body is laid to rest, it is customary to place some form of marker, commonly known as a headstone, to identify and memorialize the person who has passed. Memorial markers come in all different shapes and sizes and can be crafted from all sorts of beautiful materials. These include stone, bronze, granite, and even marble. While the variety of design, color, and shape can be endless, memorial markers are often distinguished as either a flat grave marker or a raised headstone. 

Raised headstones refer to any upright memorial monuments that carry the same identification purpose as flat grave markers.

How Has the Memorial Marker Been Modernized?

monumentsIn modern times, the practical need for physically marking a resting site with large and ornate structures has diminished. However, the desire to seek out a place to commemorate lost loved ones has endured. An outdoor memorial marker provides an elegant and special way to honor a person who has passed. 

Flat markers are composed of granite or bronze plaque on granite commonly known as an grave marker, and is installed at the head of the grave. Markers will normally display the name of the person who has passed, the date of their birth and passing, and may include other personal information and a quote or saying. 

Why Should You Consider Using a Memorial Marker?

For those who are laying a loved one to rest, most cemeteries will have rules, regulations, and fees for the memorial marker. 

The many facets of burial planning, selecting a style, designing, and picking the right memorial monument can be very difficult. When it comes to creating a custom monument that truly celebrates the spirit of those who have passed on, it's important to commemorate their life with a unique memorial marker. Because these markers can be customized, the final product will perfectly honor your loved one and their personal style. 


Fort Worth Monument, Inc in Tarrant County, TX, has the compassion and experience required during the sensitive time of funeral planning. Since 1936, they have been the premier choice for all memorial needs in and outside of their area. Their family will work closely with you to create the perfect memorial monument or marker to help you honor your loved one. Visit their website to learn more about their services or call 817-625-2721 and talk to their family member to discuss the memorial. The size, material and cemetery it goes to will dictate the cost.

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