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5 Common Types of Demolition Equipment September 19, 2019

Wailuku, Maui
5 Common Types of Demolition Equipment, Wailuku, Hawaii

If you’re planning a new commercial construction project, you may need to have demolition done at the site. While an experienced team can oversee this aspect for you, having a basic understanding of the equipment can help you stay informed through every phase of the project.

Equipment Used for Demolition

1. Hydraulic Excavators

A hydraulic excavator is a piece of heavy-duty equipment, featuring a boom, cab, and tracks or wheels. It has an extended reach and significant power and allows users to dig and move dirt across a large distance without driving to a new location.

2. Articulated Trucks

When workers need to move a hefty load of debris or materials to clear a job site, they’ll use an articulated truck. This vehicle can quickly haul away items because its joint allows it to move swiftly and precisely.

3. Track-Type Tractors

demolitionPowered by a track, these machines are among the most powerful options available for lifting heavy objects. Like many other pieces of equipment, they can be used with various types of attachments. However, a bucket is the most popular attachment for lifting heavy objects.

4. Concrete Crushers

Using a spinning rotor and a hammer, this crusher breaks down concrete. The machine is also powerful enough to get through concrete enforced with rebar or wire mesh, making it a popular choice at demolition sites.

5. Skid Steer Loaders

Unlike their cousin, the multi-terrain loader, skid steer loaders are compact machines with a rigid frame and a lift with arms. The arms can accommodate various attachments, but the most common is a bucket for retrieving and loading debris.


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