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4 Tips for Finding the Right Maid Service October 9, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
4 Tips for Finding the Right Maid Service, Brooklyn, New York

Maid services provide a broad range of benefits. Not only do they ensure that your home or business is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, but they also save you time and hassle. If you’re considering enlisting the help of a cleaning professional, here are some ways to make sure you find the right fit for your needs.

4 Strategies for Hiring the Right Maid Service

1. Pinpoint Your Needs

Some homeowners need basic cleaning of bathrooms, bedrooms, and common areas, while others are looking for help with chores such as laundry and organizing. By identifying what you need, you’ll give the company a chance to determine if they can fit your needs and provide a precise estimate.

2. Interview Someone From the Service

maid servicesThere is no better way to tell whether a maid service will be the right fit for your needs than to interview them. You should be met with professionalism and a willingness to answer all your questions. Consider asking which services are provided, how long the company has been in business, and whether they perform background checks on cleaners.

3. Check for Insurance

Any professional cleaning company should be insured. That way, if an accident should ever happen on the job or the cleaner were to get hurt, you won’t be held responsible. No matter which company you’re considering, be sure to ask whether they hold liability insurance.

4. Review Pricing

Pricing should be clear, and someone from the service should be able to provide you with an upfront estimate. This will help you avoid any hidden costs and ensure the company you’ve chosen aligns with your budget.



If you’re seeking a maid service in the Brooklyn, NY, area to help keep your home or office tidy and sanitary, look no further than Right Cleaning. This dependable team offers a broad range of services, ranging from basic routine cleanings to move-in and move-out cleaning and deep cleaning. For your convenience, they can even help with laundry as an add-on service. Call (212) 655-7153 to schedule a consultation. 

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