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5 Tips for Safely Operating a 2-Man Auger October 2, 2019

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5 Tips for Safely Operating a 2-Man Auger, Elk River, Minnesota

A two-man auger is a type of drilling device that makes digging multiple feet into the earth simple and quick. The construction equipment is used for a variety of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, including making holes for fence posts or deck framing. While using the tool is fairly straightforward, there are several safety rules that need to be followed. Here are a few of the best practices that every operator needs to know. 

How to Safely Operate a 2-Man Auger

1. Wait Until Utilities Are Marked

Whether in the city or a rural area, there are buried utility lines all over the place, making them invisible. To avoid costly and dangerous damage, call the utility company to have all lines marked in the area you're working. The list should include electricity, water, sewer, cable, internet, and gas. 

2. Start With a Pilot Hole

construction equipmentBefore diving in with the construction equipment, pinpoint the exact location of the holes you need. Once marked, create a small hole by removing the top level of grass and soil to ensure accuracy once you begin. If the soil is particularly dry, dig the pilot hole a couple of days beforehand and add water; moist ground is much easier to remove than dry. 

3. Don't Apply Pressure

While two people are required to safely operate an auger, their purpose is to guide the machine, not force it down. Attempting to use your weight to make the machine dig faster can overheat the motor and potentially damage the rotator. Instead, hold on to the handles and keep the machine steady; it will do the rest on its own. 

4. Remove the Dirt Regularly

The weight of the dirt and mud that builds up on the auger adds up quickly. Even at only 3 feet, attempting to pull the construction equipment out of the ground becomes a sweat-inducing chore. Prevent the exhaustion and risk of pulled muscles by removing the tool from the ground every 6 inches and cleaning away the dirt. 

5. Don't Start With an Extension Rod Attached

Extension rods allow you to dig deeper than the standard 3-feet depth of an auger. Starting out with the extension attached increases the weight of the machine and height of the handles, which makes it challenging to maintain control. To avoid damaging the equipment and causing an injury, wait until the tool has reached its depth limit before attaching the extension. 

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