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3 Common Critters You May Encounter This Fall September 18, 2019

Cleves, Miami
3 Common Critters You May Encounter This Fall, Miami, Ohio

Critters tend to seek shelter when cold weather arrives. Without proper precautions, your property will soon become prime real estate and encourage unwanted guests to set up camp. Prevent the need for wildlife removal by learning to recognize the top intruders and how best to keep them at bay.

Animals to Watch Out for in the Fall

1. Groundhog

These round, furry creatures are challenging to detect as they burrow underground and hide the moment they feel threatened. Their primary food source is nearby vegetation, which means that outdoor gardens and flowerbeds are strong attractants. Weeding and picking vegetables as soon as they’re ripe is the simplest way to deter these critters. You should also set up a wire fence that’s at least 12 inches underground to avoid a need for wildlife removal.

2. Mice

wildlife removalThese tiny rodents are known for their ability to fit into small spaces. They will gnaw through a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, rubber, and soft vinyl, making it extremely difficult to keep them out. The best protection is to cover the vents and pipes around the exterior of the house. Install weather stripping along the base of the doors to create a tight seal and sweep out the garage to eliminate nesting materials.

3. Snakes

These cold-blooded reptiles need a cozy place to stay during the winter months, and piles of debris offer the perfect hiding spot. If you have to stack wood for the fireplace, make sure to keep it up on a platform so that it doesn’t touch the ground. Raking the leaves and bundling up any branches that fall from the trees will also help reduce the need for wildlife removal.


Ensure your property remains critter-free this season by working with ASAP Critter People. They are a family-owned company that specializes in humane wildlife removal. They’re licensed by the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife and come fully insured, providing timely animal pest control throughout the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area. They stock a variety of materials for keeping critters out of your home and offer competitive rates that are hard to beat. Learn more about this animal removal service by visiting their website or call (513) 941-0258 to set up an appointment.

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