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3 Types of Sewer-Related Plumbing Repairs October 2, 2019

Columbia-Tusculum, Cincinnati
3 Types of Sewer-Related Plumbing Repairs, Cincinnati, Ohio

Your home’s sewer system allows waste to be securely transported underground. Well-functioning plumbing protects you and your loved ones from the health hazards of bacteria-laden waste and allows for comfortable day-to-day life. When damages or defects arise, sewer-related plumbing repair should be done swiftly. Learn about three common issues that may arise in your household below.

3 Sewer Problems Requiring Plumbing Repairs 

1. Drain Backup

When your toilet backs up or the sink won't drain, a blockage is likely to blame. Run water in different drains to see if the issue is isolated or not. For instance, if only the shower doesn’t drain but the sink is fine, the blockage is only occurring in the shower’s drainpipe. Trying to fix the problem yourself may result in you pushing the blockage further down. Trust a plumber with professional drain cleaning equipment to get the job done.

2. Main Line Issues

plumbing repairIf you perform the above test and discover that multiple drains are affected, the blockage is likely in the main line. Every house has multiple internal pipes connecting to a main line. In the case of regular backups, a more serious issue, such as a misaligned pipe connection, may be to blame. A professional can use a sewer video to pinpoint the cause.

3. Cracked Pipes 

Various symptoms may point to a leak somewhere in your sewer line. The scent of sewer odor is one red flag. If the crack is inside the house, you may notice mold growth due to humidity buildup inside the walls. If the crack is outside, you may see unusually lush patches of grass in your yard. There may even be an indentation in the lawn. A plumber will pinpoint the cracked pipe’s location and determine the best way to fix or replace it.


Don’t delay your sewer-related plumbing repairs. Call the team at Tarvin Plumbing in Cincinnati, OH, to fix the issue before it worsens. These professionals have been in business for over 100 years and have experience you can rely on. Their friendly team handles everything from bathroom remodeling to sump pump installation. Review their services online or call (513) 321-5726 to schedule an appointment. 

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