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Why Go Fishing in Minnesota? September 10, 2019

Hastings, Dakota
Why Go Fishing in Minnesota?, Hastings, Minnesota

Whether you are among the tourists visiting the North Star state or a longtime resident, there are many reasons to go fishing in Minnesota. Fishing is among the many ways to spend your days in this beautiful section of the country, as regions such as Dakota County regularly host community events and feature attractions, such as wineries and apple orchards. Here, learn why casting a line or two in Minnesota is something to strongly consider.

The Reasons to Fish

Despite its nickname as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Minnesota features 11,842 lakes. These waterways include renowned fishing locations such as Leech Lake, the third-largest lake in the state that’s also ideal for boating and water sports. Accommodations are readily available around all major lakes, as are drive-to-fish opportunities.

touristsRamps and other public access features make fishing around Minnesota easy compared to the fly-to-fish options in Canada. And don’t worry about finding the best places to fish for the day or missing other important information since the Explore Minnesota database includes 155 charters and guides.

If you need more reasons to fish in Minnesota, think about what drew you and other tourists to the state to begin with. The supreme beauty of the lakes, woods, and other natural wonders heal the senses by promoting relaxation and oneness with nature. Feeling peaceful or “blissed out” is not uncommon after a day on a Minnesota lake.

The Types of Fish You’ll Find

Not only will you bask in your surroundings when you fish in Minnesota, but you will also find a wide variety of fish in ample supply. Large lake and river “monsters” such as walleye, muskellunge, and northern pike routinely troll the waters to make big game fishing extra challenging and fun. Muskellunge or “muskie” fish and northern pike share physical characteristics such as flat heads and fins located farther back on their elongated bodies. However, tail lobes on muskies are sharper compared to the rounded fins on northern pike.

Other fish common to Minnesota lakes include large and smallmouth bass, with smaller bass known for energetic leaps from their watery homes. Flathead catfish are among the river monsters in the state’s southern lakes, while smaller fish such as crappies, panfish, and sunfish are found all over. Salmon and trout swim the waters of Lake Superior, including rainbow and brown trout on the North Shore side. Whether you love catch-and-release fishing or prefer the adrenaline rush of big game fishing, Minnesota provides something for every type of angler. 


Visit Hastings MN helps tourists from around the world plan itineraries for stays throughout Dakota County. The Chamber of Commerce and tourism bureau offers an endless array of activities, including visits to historic sites or local vineyards. Call (651) 437-6775 today with questions about your upcoming trip or get additional tourist information online. Never miss a community event update by liking the nonprofit organization on Facebook.

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