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3 Decor Tips for Enhancing Your Office October 11, 2019

North End, Bridgeport
3 Decor Tips for Enhancing Your Office, Bridgeport, Connecticut

We devote over a third of our day to work. Designing the perfect office space can increase your productivity, and it can also provide an environment to help you succeed. Additions such as custom cabinets can provide an aesthetically pleasing workspace for you and your clients. Here are a few ideas to consider when customizing your work environment.

Improving Your Office

1. Optimize Space

Remove clutter around the office and aim for a minimalist look. It’s good to have a conversational piece in the office, but if it reaches the point of distraction, remove it. A ticking clock or a shelf of memorabilia can distract you from your work. It may also grab the attention of clients. Instead, focus more on the office as a whole. Create a comfortable space where clients can enter and feel at home. If your office requires space for sales materials, textures, or other marketing paraphernalia, look towards custom cabinets. They provide a space to store materials, and act as a conversational piece. 

2. Increased Lighting

Custom CabinetsNatural light boosts energy and prevents eyestrain. Consider removing curtains if you have a nice view outside your office, or tie them back during business hours to create a brighter work environment. If pure natural sunlight isn’t an option, consider adding extra lighting through the office. Chandeliers, stylistic lamps, and track lighting can raise the “wow factor” when clients come to your office. 

3. Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are an effective addition to any home or business office. They offer complete control over the design and can provide space for materials, your computer, or a complete set of law books. They are guaranteed to fit perfectly in the spot you allocate and provide the right ambiance for the office.  Since custom cabinets are built by hand, they last longer and let you customize a variety of details, from wood type to shape and style. 



If you’re ready to add custom cabinets to your office, contact Marlon Architectural Woodworking. Serving clients in Bridgeport, CT, and the surrounding area, owner Marlon Morales has over 25 years of experience. Add a modern but classic style to your office with his custom-made wood furnishing. Call (203) 650-2245 to make an appointment or visit him online to learn more about his services.

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