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What Different Types of Fire Pits Are Available? September 17, 2019

Grant, Lancaster
What Different Types of Fire Pits Are Available?, Grant, Nebraska

For those looking to create a space to relax outdoors, fire pits can provide light and warmth long into the night. After you’ve decided you want one, the next step is to narrow down the plethora of options available based on the type of fuel you’d like to burn and what style suits your preferences. This guide below explores some of the pros and cons of popular choices.

Fuel Sources


If you’re a traditionalist who loves the crackling sound of wood burning and the smell of smoke, there are many options available. Feed these fire pits with branches and twigs from your yard. However, if you are a regular entertainer, you might also need to buy wood to keep the party going. You will also need a place to store this wood that is kept dry from any rain. Clean the pit regularly to avoid a fire hazard.


Fire pits that run on propane are convenient because you don’t have to worry about stoking the fire, as you might when burning logs. These options can also be a bit more decorative—some come outfitted with glass rocks or even water features. However, you will have to purchase propane regularly or arrange for delivery, if you don’t already.

Natural Gas

If your yard has a gas line that runs outside, a natural gas fire pit is a convenient option. Because the pit connects directly to the fuel source, you never need to worry about it running out.


fire pitFire Bowl

Perhaps the most common style of fire pit is the bowl. It sits low to the ground and comes in a wide variety of sizes. This style is best for groups, as gathering around it naturally forms a circle.

Fire Table 

For those who like to host parties, fire tables come with a shelf-like structure built all around it like a barrier. This protective measure prevents children from getting too close to the flames while offering a place to set down your food or drinks.


Reminiscent of indoor fireplaces and their tall chimneys, chimeneas are a classic style choice. Though beautiful to look at, they can be difficult to move, so you’ll want to pick a relatively permanent spot for this type of fire pit.


No matter which of these options you choose, having a fire pit will help you make the most of your outdoor living space. If you’re a resident of Lincoln, NE, or the surrounding areas, turn to Dreamscapes for inspiration and installation of your outdoor kitchen or fire feature. To see their latest work, follow them on Facebook. Call (402) 421-7496 to discuss your next home improvement project. Visit their website for a full list of services provided.

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