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Avoid These 4 Mistakes While Window Washing October 4, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
Avoid These 4 Mistakes While Window Washing, Manhattan, New York

Your windows allow natural light into your home and provide you with gorgeous vistas of your surroundings. To see out of them clearly, it’s essential to prioritize regular window washing. Below are some of the most common mistakes people make during the residential window cleaning process and how to avoid them.

4 Common Residential Window Cleaning Mistakes

1. Choosing the Wrong Weather

Although many people think it’s best to complete residential window cleaning on a nice and sunny day, your windows may dry too fast due to the heat from the sun, leaving behind unsightly streaks. It’s best to wash your windows when it’s overcast outside so as to avoid issues that result from quick drying. 

2. Using Improper Tools & Products

When you use paper towels or newspaper to wipe your windows, you’ll likely notice streaks and residue in their wake. Additionally, over-the-counter cleaning products often leave a greasy film on the glass. The best tools and products for window cleaning are a simple diluted white vinegar solution and a microfiber cloth. 

3. Applying Excessive Pressure

It’s also possible to apply too much pressure when cleaning your window glass. When it comes to stubborn buildups, you might feel tempted to remove them with aggressive scrubbing, which will only risk scratching your windows. When you use the proper tools and products, you won’t need to apply as much pressure. 

4. Not Hiring the Experts

The best way to guarantee that your windows are spotlessly clean without becoming damaged is by hiring a residential window cleaning team. They’ll also get the job done much more quickly, saving you time for family and other obligations.



Keep your home glass clean and clear with window washing from Chelsea Window Cleaning. Since 1986, they have provided commercial and residential window cleaning services to clients throughout New York City. Call these window washers at (212) 598-5939 to set up an appointment and get an estimate. Visit this window cleaning company online to learn more about their services for awnings, facades, and high rises. 

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