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3 Tips for Entering a Photo Contest September 17, 2019

Downtown Seattle, Seattle
3 Tips for Entering a Photo Contest, Seattle, Washington

As a photographer, you strive to capture the beauty of a unique moment in time—whether that is the exact pattern of light and shadow over a landscape or a strong emotion briefly glimpsed on someone’s face. You can then further enhance the image with editing or by investing in a custom frame. If you’re thinking about submitting some of your recent work to a photo competition, the following guide offers advice for making it stand out as much as possible.

How to Impress the Judges With Your Photo Submission

1. Choose an Image That Makes an Impact

An impactful image isn’t just technically impressive, but emotionally resonant. Therefore, choose a photo with a message behind it. If you have multiple options you’re considering, call on friends and family members to review potential pictures and give you honest feedback. You can also usually look up past winners to see what has drawn the judges’ eyes.

2. Focus on Editing

custom frameComputer editing software now allows photographers to tweak the lighting, contrast, sharpness, and color scheme of a photo after it’s been taken. If you’re new to this process, consider experimenting with the preset options first or adjusting the levels only a little at a time. Most software saves your history so you can undo changes, but save drafts as you go just in case.

By using layering tools, photographers can also edit different parts of the picture at a time, allowing them to saturate the sky in the background while opaquing the foreground and vice versa. If you’re having a hard time finding the right settings, try stepping away from the image for a few minutes to reset your perspective. 

3. Invest in a Custom Frame

In a contest, professionalism matters. Investing in a custom frame will give your submission polish. Work with the shop’s team to select the best material, style, and matting to complement the proportions and tone of your photograph. 


Put the finishing touch on your picture with a custom frame from Seattle Custom Framing. Based out of King County, WA, their experts have over 20 years of experience artistically framing photographs, artwork, mirrors, and posters. Visit their website to learn more about these services. Call (206) 838-7908 with questions or to discuss your project. During busy seasons, it is beneficial to get your work into them early.

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