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3 Steps for Cleaning a Commercial Refrigerator September 19, 2019

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3 Steps for Cleaning a Commercial Refrigerator, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Commercial refrigeration is important in many industries, especially food and beverage operations. While keeping your consumable goods at a proper temperature is essential for promoting customer health and wellness, your refrigerator should also be clean and sanitary. Cleaning your unit isn’t complicated, but the following refresher may be helpful before performing a thorough sanitization. 

Tips for Commercial Refrigerator Cleaning

1. Empty All the Shelves

To fully sanitize all surfaces of your commercial refrigeration unit, you’ll want to empty the shelves. Work from one side to the other, and clear off one shelf at a time. Stack items on a different shelf, so they’re kept cool as you work. As you remove items, check their dates and discard anything that has reached its expiration. You might also want to bring any items nearing the end of their shelf life to the front when you put them back.

2. Use a Gentle Soap & Water

commercial refrigerationIn most cases, a gentle dish soap and water are effective for cleaning commercial refrigerators. Gently scrub away any grime using a sponge or damp microfiber cloth, and don’t forget to dry the area entirely. If you’re concerned about mold development, consider applying a mild, diluted bleach and water solution to the surfaces. Make sure food items are well-packaged, so no chemicals can enter.  

3. Don’t Forget the Exterior

Commercial refrigeration equipment should also be cleaned on the outside. In addition to removing grease and grime with the same soap-and-water technique above, you should also clean the condenser coil at least once a month. Eliminating dust and other debris with a wet-dry vacuum will allow you to keep your system running efficiently. You can also have a refrigeration expert clear your drain lines while performing a routine annual inspection.


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