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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for Winter September 13, 2019

Butler, Montgomery
5 Ways to Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for Winter, Butler, Ohio

Once the temperatures drop and snow starts falling, you and your family may be safe and cozy inside, but your home’s exterior—including your roof and siding—will still be exposed to all the harshness of winter weather. To avoid home improvement emergencies this winter and surprise visits from a roofing contractor in spring, here are five steps to take to protect your property’s exterior.

5 Home Exterior Winterization Tips

1. Repair the Roof

Carefully review the condition of your roof. Call a roofing contractor to repair any missing or loose shingles. If minor issues aren’t addressed before winter sets in, the cold weather may stress it, leading to leaks.

2. Clear the Gutters

roofing contractorDuring the fall, twigs and leaves may clog your gutters. Remove this debris to ensure proper drainage. Blockages may cause damage to both your roof and siding if ice forms. Call on a roofing contractor if you suspect gutter repair or replacement are necessary to keep your gutters working properly.

3. Trim Trees

High winds and heavy snow may cause tree limbs to snap. If limbs fall on your house, they may puncture the roof and mar the siding. To avoid these troubles, have any overhanging branches trimmed or removed.

4. Shut Off Exposed Plumbing

Outdoor pipes and fixtures aren’t always insulated against the cold. Any water inside will expand when it freezes, eventually causing the plumbing to burst. Shut off and drain all outdoor plumbing fixtures, including irrigation system valves.   

5. Spruce Up Siding

To protect your exterior and interior, replace any loose or missing panels. If your siding is wood, consider painting and sealing surfaces to defend against moisture.


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