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4 Smart Reasons To Lease a Commercial Truck September 24, 2019

4 Smart Reasons To Lease a Commercial Truck, Henrietta, New York

Whether you’re just launching your business or are looking to expand your current fleet, you might require commercial trucks to make the operation a success. You have the option of getting a truck lease or purchasing your own. Leasing these vehicles from a credible truck service has a world of benefits. Consult the guide below to find out why choosing a truck lease is the right option for your business. 

Why You Should Use a Commercial Truck Lease Instead of Buying One

1. Manage Upfront Costs

When you buy a commercial truck, you’ll need to have money available for a large down payment, plus purchasing and paperwork fees, state and federal taxes, and any other dealership charges. It is not common to have this amount of money just waiting to be spent in your business’s budget. With a lease, a much smaller amount is required for you to get the vehicle, and you’ll pay in manageable monthly payments.

2. Upgrade Your Vehicle Easily

Buying a new truck leaves few options for upgrading to a better model in the future. You either have to sell or trade your truck, which takes time and won’t make a dent in the price of another new truck. When you have a truck lease, a quality truck service will give you the option to upgrade at the end of your contract. They may even let you upgrade during a contract for an additional fee.

3. Receive Discounted or Included Truck Maintenance & Repairs

truck leaseOwning a commercial vehicle means you’re liable for the full costs of truck maintenance and repairs. Many lease agreements include regular maintenance and inspections as part of the terms because the company wants their vehicles to stay in shape. A solid contract will also include discounted repair services, as well as a replacement vehicle until the one you leased is ready to go. This saves money on actual costs, and it prevents automotive mishaps from interfering with your business operations.

4. Eliminate Depreciation

Purchasing a new truck outright is a large investment, and you lose a percentage of that investment as soon as you drive it off the lot. The truck you buy will gradually depreciate in value, making it difficult to sell or swap when you want a newer model. With a lease, you aren’t losing money by driving the truck, and it’s simple to start leasing a more recent model.


If you’re in need of a commercial truck lease for your company, turn to the professionals at DeCarolis NationaLease. For over 80 years, their locations in Rochester, NY, and Monroe, NY, have provided 5-star service to businesses. Their contracts include branded trucks, routine maintenance and inspections, replacement vehicles during breakdowns, and warranty coverage. You’ll enjoy discounts on parts and discounted rates if you need extra vehicles. They’ll also handle tax reporting, licenses, and permits. Learn more about their leasing benefits online, and call their Monroe location at (585) 427-2670 or Rochester at (585) 254-1169.