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How to Choose the Best Hay Mower for Your Farm September 26, 2019

Harris, Stanly
How to Choose the Best Hay Mower for Your Farm, Harris, North Carolina

With hay season finally here, you might be thinking about upgrading some of your farm equipment. There are many different hay mowers out there, each offering unique benefits, which can make this purchase a tricky one. Review this guide to three different types of mowers so you can make the best decision for your farm.

Drum Mowers

Drum mowers tend to be pretty bulky, and their shortened cutting bars might not be ideal for all situations. However, they're available in a variety of sizes, making them well-suited for both large and small farms. They also work well in many different conditions and tend to be reasonably consistent in terms of cutting. Additionally, you can operate a drum mover at high speeds, which makes it easy to cover a lot of ground quickly.

Disc Mowers

farm equipmentDisc mowers are more expensive and more demanding in terms of horsepower, so you'll need to keep this in mind when it comes to budgeting for your farm. However, they're also a durable form of farm equipment, which is essential if you need to traverse rough terrain, as this can damage other mowers. Additionally, disc mowers are known for their easy transportation and storage options. 

Sickle Mower

Sickle mowers lack a bit more in speed, so they're best when working with less acreage. They also experience difficulty when cutting wet or thick hay. However, a sickle mower requires much less horsepower than other types, and its cutting quality is also quite impressive thanks to its scissor-like teeth. This clean cut is essential when dealing with certain types of hay, such as alfalfa. 


If you’re looking for quality farm equipment in New London, NC, Stanly Tractor Company can help you find the best option for your needs. With more than five decades of experience, they only provide the best equipment from trusted brands, including Kubota®. They also provide parts and services if you experience an issue with your farm equipment. Visit them online to look at their equipment specials, or call (704) 983-1106 for more information. 

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