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Nutrition & Feed Systems for Goats September 18, 2019

Seventy-Six, Washington
Nutrition & Feed Systems for Goats, Seventy-Six, Iowa

Goats are very efficient eaters, which means they feed with their heads up, and prefer to forage on a diverse diet of brush, weeds, grass, and legumes. A goat’s digestive system allows them to have a variety of fiber and roughage. Proper feed systems should be able to meet your goats’ nutritional requirements.

How to Provide Your Goats with Proper Nutrition

1. Nutrition Needed for Goats

feed systemsBase a goat’s nutritional requirements on their age, gender, breed, and other factors, including body size and climate. Although hay provides a moderate source of protein for many and energy, goats may not get all the salt, calcium, and phosphorus they need. Supplemental feeding during a goat’s lifetime can help fill your goat’s nutritional gaps during intense growth, lactation, pregnancy, as well as winter. 

2. Special Blends of Nutrients

Show Stopper Equipment by Vittetoe, Inc. has produced a blend of specific proteins and energy sources that will provide your goat with additional muscle volume and definition. Called Goat Secret®, these blends also enhance the appetite of your goats which will help them reach their recommended nutritional values. 

Goat Secret® is very easy to incorporate into your current goat feeding systems. Add 2 ounces every day to your feed systems, for up to a month or two, to induce accelerated muscle development in your goat while helping their coats develop rich luster in just a few weeks.

3. Added Nutrition for Goats

As an additional benefit, Goat Secret can be used in conjunction with Top Secret® and Bloom-N-Secret® to take goat from work-animal to show-animal in almost no time, and your goats will look and feel healthier. They’ll also be more tolerant to heat stress and any feed manipulation they may experience at shows. 


No matter what your agricultural needs may be, the talented team at Vittetoe, Inc. in Keota, IA, can help. With a focus on fast and confident customer service, they offer convenient online ordering which multiple shipping options. To find out more about this respected name, reach out to a Vittetoe, Inc. representative at (641) 636-2259. You can browse the innovative feed systems at Show Stopper Equipment by Vittetoe, Inc., on their website.