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3 Tips for Speeding Up Hair Growth September 19, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
3 Tips for Speeding Up Hair Growth, Manhattan, New York

After a while, you might decide to grow out a short haircut for a different look. Apart from genetics and hormone fluctuations, your hair care routine will influence the rate at which it grows. There are some steps you can take to hack your body and speed up the growth. To help you do this, here are a few best practices to follow. 

3 Ways to Encourage Hair to Grow Quickly

1. Brush It Before Bed

Dehydration is a threat to healthy hair, delaying growth. In addition to conditioning to lock in moisture, remember to brush your locks before you go to bed. This will help coat the strands with your scalp’s oils, which will hydrate it overnight. Brushing out tangles will also prevent knots, which will save you from damaging your hair later if you try to get rid of them by tugging.

2. Get It Trimmed Regularly

haircutDry weather conditions and hair care practices can leave the ends dry and frayed. When growing out a haircut, damaged ends leave new growth vulnerable to breakage. That’s why you should have a stylist trim the tips once every three months. This way, you won’t have to worry about breakage that takes inches away from the length. 

3. Go Easy on the Heat

Limit how often you use flatirons, blow dryers, and other heat-based styling tools if you’re trying to grow out a haircut. Elevated temperatures leave strands dry, increasing the risk of split ends. Too much heat can also break off new growth. When you do use these tools, apply a heat-protective serum to your locks first.


For help promoting healthy new growth, visit the stylists at Bloom Beauty Lounge in the Chelsea neighborhood New York City. The professionals use organic hair products, which are free of harsh chemicals that cause breakage and scalp irritation. While you’re transitioning to longer locks, they will also recommend a haircut that flatters your face and pulls the focus to your best features. Visit this hair salon online to learn more about their work or call (212) 255-9355 to book an appointment. 

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