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4 Reasons to Install a Solar-Powered Well Pump September 17, 2019

Truth or Consequences, Sierra County
4 Reasons to Install a Solar-Powered Well Pump, ,

When your property runs on a water well, reliability is essential. That’s why water well maintenance and drilling contractors often recommend solar-powered pumps as an alternative to traditional options. If you’re debating whether a solar pump is right for your water well, here’s a list of benefits you’ll enjoy. 

4 Reasons Why Your Water Well Needs a Solar-Powered Pump

1. No External Power Needs

Solar pumps are celebrated for their mobility and quick installation. When a water well is in a remote area with rocky terrain where access to power is unreliable or challenging to set up, using the sun’s natural rays to run your well is a convenient and functional approach. 

2. Eco-Friendly

Water WellSolar-powered pumps do not require a fuel source to provide a property with water. This reduces your usage of fuel and also reduces the risk of oil spills that can negatively impact your water source and the environment as a whole. 

3. Cost-Effective

Instead of trenching power to the water well, a solar pump is a simple installation process with fewer steps and requirements. By harnessing the power of the sun with solar panels, you’ll enjoy access to water without big startup costs or windmills usually associated with a new water well. In addition, if an element of the solar pump becomes damaged, replacement parts are affordable and easy to install with the help of a maintenance contractor. 

4. Easy to Maintain

Solar-powered well pumps contain very few mechanical components. As such, on-going maintenance is very simple. Generally speaking, after installation, you’ll need to plan on washing your solar panels every year with soap and water. Other than that, the pump should function as needed. 


If your property has a water well and you’re interested in a solar-powered pump, Mauldin Drilling LLC can help with installation. This trusted water well maintenance and drilling contractor has been serving residents throughout Sierra County and Southern, NM, since 1972. Call today at (575) 894-3192 to discuss your needs and visit their website for more information on their 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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