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4 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Eat Seafood September 27, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
4 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Eat Seafood, St. Petersburg, Florida

Many kids are picky eaters, and one of the most common foods to be denied is seafood. Despite how tasty foods like shrimp, lobster, and crab are, it can be tough to get children to taste them. Taking the right approach can help your kids get over their hesitation and learn to love seafood. 

How to Get a Picky Child to Try Seafood

1. Start When They’re Young

Introducing foods to kids is easier when you start early. When your baby is ready for soft finger foods, consider adding a bit of fish into the mix. This will ensure your child will be less reluctant to try it again when they're older.

2. Dress It Up As Something Familiar

If you do end up introducing seafood to an older child, you may need to get a little creative. In this case, offer something like a salmon or tuna burger, but don't emphasize the seafood aspect. While a little deceptive, this allows your child to form an unbiased view of the dish. 

3. Choose the Right Type of Fish

seafoodIf you know your child isn't a fan of strong flavors, choose the type of fish you serve them carefully. For example, something like cod is pretty mild, especially when breaded and fried. 

4. Mix Seafood With Something Else

You can make unknown foods more palatable by adding them to something your child already loves. Lobster mac and cheese is one option many kids will try, and you can also add fish to mashed potatoes. Once your child becomes accustomed to seafood, you can begin expanding their options.


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