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3 Common Column Styles You Should Know September 24, 2019

Astoria, Queens
3 Common Column Styles You Should Know, Queens, New York

Whether they are holding up a porch or guiding visitors through a museum, columns are an incredible architectural feat with a long history. One can find a variety of different columns used today, but there are three particularly popular styles. They were originally designed by Ancient Greeks and adopted by the Romans, and are referred to as the classical orders. If you’re seeking a classical addition to your home or business, these structures are the perfect combination of decoration and function. Below are the most common types of columns that you’ll encounter.

What Are the Most Common Types of Columns?

1. Doric

Often considered the simplest of the three, Doric columns have no decorations on the body. They are typically designed with shallow grooves, or fluting, running vertically along the column. Despite their plain design, they convey a regal yet professional look. This feature makes them ideal for government buildings, schools, and business entrances. Those who would like to spruce up their porch may appreciate their minimalist quality and relative affordability. Doric columns are the oldest of the classical orders.

2. Ionic

columnsA bit more ornate than Doric columns, Ionic columns feature tops adorned with spiral scrolls. Their regal design creates an impressive entrance to buildings. The shape of the scrolls is also perfectly suited to holding up grand dome structures. Many Neoclassical government buildings and museums use these columns in their entrances, corridors, or atriums.

3. Corinthian

Corinthian columns are the most ornate and elaborate of the Greek orders. The complex capital is adorned with intricately carved leaves, spirals, and florals. This opulent design suggests a building or structure of high status and importance. Unlike the thick, sturdy shaft of the Doric order, Corinthian columns have delicate, slender shafts. They are primarily used as a decorative element, so they are not quite as strong as a Doric column. Corinthian is the latest of the classical orders.


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