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4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes September 17, 2019

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4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes, Newark, Ohio

Your vehicle’s brakes are a necessary safety component that should always be in optimal working condition. Understanding when it’s time to visit an auto shop for brake repairs is crucial for staying safe on the road and avoiding collisions. To learn more about some of the warning signs of old or damaged brakes, consult the brief guide below. 

4 Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

1. Vibrations

If the brake pedal pulsates or vibrates when you engage the system, and the anti-lock brakes are not on, you may have a warped rotor. Rotors are smooth, round discs that can become damaged from the friction caused by excessive braking over a long period. The sensation of a vibrating brake pedal is the result of the brake pads’ inability to evenly adhere to the rotor.

2. Grinding

brake repairHearing a loud, metallic grinding or growling sound when you apply pressure to the brakes is cause for worry. This noise usually indicates that your pads are so worn down that brake repair is no longer an option. Once the pads are completely worn out, the metal disc and caliper will rub together and can cause damage to your rotor. 

3. Slow Response

Your brake system should have a fast response when you engage it. If the pedal feels too loose or you have to press it to the floor to make the car slow down and stop, you may have a problem with the brake line. The primary cause of this issue is an air or fluid leak within the line, and you will undoubtedly need brake repairs to fix this issue.

4. Car Pulls to the Side When Braking

It’s not unusual for brake pads to wear out at different rates; one side may get thinner faster than the other. When this happens, your vehicle may pull slightly to the left or right when braking. The longer you ignore this problem, the more strain you’ll put on your steering system as you manually keep the car from veering to the side when you stop. 


The team at Brown’s Transmission & Full Service Auto Repair in Newark, OH, is here to take care of all of your brake repair needs. Since 1959, their auto mechanics have provided drivers throughout the area with superior services at competitive prices. Whether you need new brakes, transmission repair, or routine auto maintenance, they have the tools and expertise to get the job done on any make and model vehicle. Schedule your appointment today by calling (740) 522-4459 or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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