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3 Common Causes of Slip & Fall Injuries in Autumn September 30, 2019

Bronx, New York City, NY
3 Common Causes of Slip & Fall Injuries in Autumn, Bronx, New York

A personal injury can take a major toll on your health and quality of life. While icy winters are a common time for slip and fall injuries, the slick surfaces and early evening darkness of autumn shouldn’t be ignored either. Below are three of the most common culprits of autumn slip and fall injuries.

3 Prevalent Autumn Slipping Hazards

1. Leaves

Fall leaves can be beautiful, but they can also coat the ground and make it difficult to see what kind of surface you’re walking on. Leaves can fill holes and divots in a sidewalk, creating tripping hazards that could lead to serious falls. Wet leaves are another hazard that can lead to slipping. They create a slick surface that can be as dangerous as ice. Because wet leaves are difficult to rake, the safest thing to do is clear leaves from your sidewalk and driveway shortly after they fall from the trees to reduce personal injury risk.

2. Wet & Slippery Floors

personal injuryRainfall increases during autumn, making streets and floors wet and slippery. Walk with caution and wear slip-resistant shoes when possible to reduce the risk of an accident. In your own home, take precautions to minimize the possibility of water entering your home from outside. Frequently mopping up any water and placing moisture-absorbing mats in entrance areas are ways to prevent slippery floors.

3. Lighting

As the weather gets colder, the days get shorter. Additionally, you lose an hour of sunlight due to daylight savings time in autumn. This reduced visibility can create slip and fall hazards that may lead to personal injury. Proceed with caution when walking in a location with insufficient lighting. When appropriate, use a flashlight to be sure you can see where you’re stepping. If you take walks in the early morning or early evening, consider choosing a time of day with better lighting.



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