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A Comparison of 5 Popular Pool Shapes October 10, 2019

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A Comparison of 5 Popular Pool Shapes, 10, Illinois

When designing a swimming pool installation, a major decision concerns shape. If you work with a custom pool designer, almost any kind of shape preference can be accommodated. Use this guide to compare some popular designs to help you decide which shape is right for you.

Popular Shapes in Swimming Pool Installations

1. Rectangular

swimming pool installationThe rectangle is the most common shape for pools because it’s so versatile. Rectangular pools can be used for swimming laps, lounging, playing water games, and more. Their straight lines and 90-degree corners make them a particularly fitting choice for modern and contemporary homes. Because they don’t have rounded corners, however, you’ll need sufficient space to accommodate this shape. If you want a similar look with a smaller footprint, consider a square-shaped pool.

2. Kidney

The kidney shape, popular since the 1950s, embodies the natural look. Its curved edges and oval shape is the antithesis of rectilinear designs. It may not be the best choice for swimming laps, but kidney-shaped pools marry well with green backyard landscaping. They require less square footage than rectangular pools and tend to be more economical to install than other shapes.

3. Free-Form

A free-form swimming pool installation can be custom fitted to particular spaces. Usually they have an asymmetrical, curved shape that mirrors a body of water. It’s a favorite design choice for those who want a natural oasis rather than a modern architectural feature. They complement lush landscaping and may incorporate a beach-style entry or shallow ledges for children.

4. L-Shape

An L-shape pool separates pools into two zones for different uses. The longer part of the L is ideal for swimming laps and for vigorous play. The shorter section may be shallower to accommodate small children at play and lounging adults. The clean edges of this design fit in nicely with contemporary homes that have poolside patios.

5. Roman

The classic Roman pool is rectangular in shape with two half-circles at each end, where swimmers can step down into the water or perch on a shallow ledge. Because of their traditional and elegant style, Roman pools are often the choice of luxury estates and Hollywood moguls.


No matter your pool-shape preference, Destination Pools of Columbia, IL, will help you realize your dream. They have been designing custom pools since 2008 and will handle every aspect of your project, from swimming pool installation to after-installation pool service. Get inspired by the gallery of enticing pools on their website, or call (618) 281-7776 to let them know how they can serve you.

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