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5 Irrigation System Maintenance Tips September 26, 2019

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5 Irrigation System Maintenance Tips, Berrett, Maryland

Like every other system in and around your home, your irrigation system requires maintenance to water your lawn and gardens efficiently. Routine maintenance identifies leaks early to save water and money while also avoiding potential contamination issues if the system is automated. Here, review tips for keeping this important system fully operational.

5 Ways To Maintain Your Residential Irrigation System

1. Schedule Backflow Testing Annually

Ensure the safety of your automated irrigation system by scheduling backflow testing once a year. Most states require annual backflow testing to prevent cross-contamination, or when dirty water from external water sources flows into residential and commercial plumbing systems. Backflow prevention devices stop this from happening; however, they must be tested regularly to stay functional.

2. Check for Broken or Misdirected Sprinkler Heads

irrigation systemWalk through your property to check for broken sprinkler heads that need replacing, as well as those that moved due to weather changes or other factors. Misdirected sprinkler heads that water the sidewalk or other hardscaping sites waste money and energy.

3. Save Water With a Rain Sensor

Conserve even more water by installing a rain sensor. This environmentally-friendly device shuts the irrigation system down whenever it detects rain to prevent your lawn and gardens from becoming waterlogged in addition to saving water. Rain/freeze sensors perform double duty by shutting off when the temperature drops below 32 F.

4. Look for Broken Lines & Leaks

Check your system about every three weeks for broken lines and subsequent leaks. This practice gets slightly complicated when your irrigation system lines are buried; however, soggy grass and pooling water signal leaks needing immediate attention. Depending on the age of your system, replacement may be best.

5. Flush the System Every Year

Flush your irrigation system at the start of every season to remove debris clogs that impede water flow and contribute to backups and leaks. Start by cleaning the nozzle heads—remove their screens and run them under warm water to dislodge debris deposits. Clean the screens by soaking them in soapy water and eliminating hard deposits with a wire brush. Next, turn your irrigation system on and leave it on until the water runs clear. Turn the system off and re-install the sprinkler heads with their screens. 



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