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4 FAQ About Hoarding Cleanout September 20, 2019

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4 FAQ About Hoarding Cleanout, Lake Katrine, New York

Many people have someone in their lives who could benefit from a hoarding cleanout. However, they might be unsure of how to address this issue. Here are four questions about how to approach cleaning up a hoarder’s home.

Common Questions About Hoarding

Where should I start?

People often put off hoarding cleanouts because they’re overwhelmed with where to begin. Start by picking a small area to sift through. As you process items, place them in separate boxes to keep, donate, or throw out. Once you get used to the process, it’ll likely be easier to move on from one area to a room.

How do I know what to keep?

Ask the person who is hoarding why they want to hang onto items. If a newspaper ad from the 1940s, for example, sparks their joy, frame it and hang it on the wall instead of stashing it in a pile.

Reinforce to the person that cleaning up will promote better safety and sanitation and can even reduce the risk of fire. The person may also appreciate that they can more easily invite loved ones to visit in a more comfortable space.

Should I contact a therapist?

Many people who hoard know that it’s not healthy, but they don’t understand why they do it. Many therapists specialize in hoarding and can offer support in-person or over the phone. They’ll provide insight while helping to prevent the mess from building up again.

Do I DIY or call in professionals?hoarding cleanout

Many individuals benefit from bringing in professional hoarding cleanout services. These waste removal experts are well-versed in finding what items the homeowner will truly value versus what can be thrown away. They’ll help you learn how to make these decisions, too, so you can take part in the process. Or, if you prefer to be hands-off, they’ll save high-value items for you and your loved one’s perusal.


If your loved one needs assistance with a hoarding cleanout, contact Bill’s Junk Be Gone in Lake Katrine, NY. The locally-owned-and-operated company has over 20 years of industry experience sifting through belongings to keep only the meaningful items. Call them at (845) 389-2969 or visit the website for information on their waste removal, decluttering, and estate cleanout services. 

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