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What You Should Do Before Turning on Your Furnace September 26, 2019

Mount Vernon, Knox
What You Should Do Before Turning on Your Furnace, Mount Vernon, Ohio

As the colder temperatures set in, you may be wondering when you should turn on your furnace. After months of being unused, there is a specific protocol you should follow to ensure your heating system is working correctly. Use the following steps to keep your furnace running efficiently before the fall and winter seasons kick in.

Turn on Your Pilot Light

Because you haven’t been running your furnace lately, the pilot light that helps power it may have gone out. Look for instructions on your unit – either on the side or inside panel – to determine how to relight your pilot light. If you are required to push a switch before relighting, push it back to the “off” position and let it sit for five minutes before turning it back “on.”

Check Your Air Filter

furnaceThe air filter to your HVAC unit is responsible for keeping the air in your home and your system clean and free of debris. You should change or clean most filters every one to three months to ensure your system runs optimally. After changing your filter, set a calendar reminder so you stay up to date on this task.

Examine Your Unit

Inspect the external and internal components of your furnace before planning to run it for the colder season. This process entails checking for any physical damage to the outside, frayed wires, and dirty coils. Note any potential problems you see and discuss them with an HVAC professional.

Schedule a Check-up

Experts recommend scheduling a maintenance check with an HVAC professional when transitioning between seasons, like summer into fall or winter into spring. This service allows the technician to examine your HVAC unit and make any necessary repairs before you need to run either system.    


If you need assistance getting your furnace running effectively before the temperatures drop, talk to one of our expert professionals at Jon’s Plumbing & Heating in Mount Vernon, OH. For more than 20 years, our Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors™ have offered the HVAC services you need to help your systems run efficiently and effectively. To learn more about Jon’s Plumbing & Heating and how we can help you care for your furnace, visit us online or call (740) 392-5667.

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