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3 Ways Massage Can Be Used in Senior Care September 26, 2019

Northwest Travis, Travis County
3 Ways Massage Can Be Used in Senior Care, Northwest Travis, Texas

Massage therapy is a part of many senior care wellness programs that aim to reduce symptoms due to age-related health conditions. But what are its specific benefits? The guide below explains.

How Massages Help Keep Seniors Healthy

1. Improved Circulation

As we age, our blood circulation significantly slows down because of changes in the body. Because of this, many seniors complain of getting cold or swollen hands and feet. Poor circulation can also result in throbbing or pain in the extremities. Medical experts advise various strategies to increase blood flow, including exercise and use of compression gear. Aside from these, massage can help improve circulation and direct blood flow to the limbs. 

2. Increased Flexibility

Improved flexibility is one of the reasons why massage therapy is particularly advantageous in senior care. With aging comes hardening and tightening of the muscles, resulting in a limited range of motion in regular activities. Massage helps reduce the tension in the tissues, muscles, and joints, allowing them to be more flexible.

3. Better Sleep

senior careMany people include massage in their wellness routine to help them relax, relieve stress, and enjoy better sleep. A recent study concluded that respondents who had insomnia showed improvements in their sleep pattern following a therapeutic massage. Sleep is particularly crucial for seniors, as it allows the body to rest completely and rejuvenate itself in the process, which can be beneficial for one’s memory and focus. 


If you’re looking for a senior care community that offers therapeutic spa rooms with whirlpool tubs and massage therapy, check out Longhorn Village. This five-star accommodation, located on Steiner Ranch in Austin, TX, offers a variety of recreational activities and special events. Call their office at (512) 266-5600 or their Health Care Center at (512) 382-4664. To make an inquiry, visit their website.

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