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3 Important Applications of Underlayment in Wood Floors September 25, 2019

Clearwater, Pinellas
3 Important Applications of Underlayment in Wood Floors, Clearwater, Florida

If your building is going to have wood floors, you’ll likely want a gypsum cement underlayment installed. Since this material is manufactured from gypsum, it won’t crack or shrink as other lightweight concrete will. Understand the purpose this underlayment serves to know why it’s beneficial for your commercial or residential building.

Why Gypsum Cement Underlayment Is Important

1. Fire Rating

Gypsum cement is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to achieve a one-hour fire rating. This rating, which indicates a one-hour separation for the fire between the floor and the ceiling, is required by code in most areas. Typically, a 3/4-inch layer of the concrete will reach that rating.

2. Acoustic Control

gypsum cement underlaymentSound is a serious concern whether your building is residential, commercial, or mixed-use. A problem with sound transfer is particularly common in wood frame construction, since the wood reflects the noise. The cement acoustic underlayment will instead absorb the sound. This minimizes acoustic transfer from the floor above to the one below.

3. In-Floor Radiant Heating

A gypsum cement underlayment allows you to install efficient radiant heat floors. It can be used in wood frame construction by stapling the radiant heat tubing on top of a plywood or OSB subfloor. The underlayment is then poured over the tubes at a thickness of approximately 1.5 inches. The sand aggregate used in this material is very small, allowing more surface contact with the tubes. This provides an excellent thermal transfer between the tubes and the wood floors.


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