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3 Common Fitness Excuses to Stop Telling Yourself September 13, 2019

Kettering, Prince George's
3 Common Fitness Excuses to Stop Telling Yourself, Kettering, Maryland

Are you interested in improving your fitness level — but constantly making excuses for missing the gym?  Changing habits can be very hard, and the human brain is extremely adept at finding reasons not to do so. Here are three of the most common excuses people give for not working out, and how to motivate yourself through them.  

Conquering 3 Exercise Excuses

1. ”I Don’t Have the Time”

People’s lives are busy, especially once kids come into the picture. The key to finding time to exercise is to look at your schedule and pick out available time windows, instead of trying to force a new fitness activity into a space that’s already crowded. Keeping a time journal for a week is an effective way to get a snapshot of how you actually spend your time and where you can rearrange events, habits, or priorities. If you have a habit of watching TV, make a rule that you can only watch TV while exercising. 

2. ”I’m Too Tired”

fitnessThe irony of regular exercise is that while it may make your body feel tired, it actually gives you more energy. The longer and harder you work out, the more oxygen is pumped into your blood and brain. Exercise also produces energizing endorphins. Think honestly about when you’re most energized during the day. Are you a morning or afternoon person? Do you wake up at night? Make time to work out at that time, starting with low to moderate exercise. If you need to, get an extra hour of sleep beforehand. 

3. ”I Get Bored” 

Get yourself started by finding a fitness class or group activity that is fun and challenging — but ends within a short time frame. Boot camps are an excellent example. You’ll be more motivated knowing that you’re being held accountable by your instructors and peers, and the knowledge that the end of the program isn’t far off will push you harder during each workout. Look for fitness challenges or strength courses that inspire a sense of healthy competition. Before long, you’ll find the gym becoming a daily habit. 



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