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3 Tips to Stay Calm During a Move September 24, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
3 Tips to Stay Calm During a Move, Manhattan, New York

People often feel stressed during a move. It can be challenging to stay organized as you hire movers, update your address, and prepare your family for the adjustment. Despite this, it’s still possible to alleviate stress as you navigate this time of your life. Here’s how you can stay positive.

Moving & Feeling Stressed? Here’s How to Relax

1. Have Time for Yourself

You might be tackling the particulars of your move for hours a day. Whether you’re on the phone with your movers, decluttering the home, giving away belongings, or putting items into storage, you’re likely to feel exhausted. It helps to take some time to focus on yourself. Schedule a lunch with a friend or an appointment at the spa to give yourself something to anticipate.

2. Make a List of Actionable Itemsmovers

Moving can be challenging because it’s difficult to stay on top of the details. Before the movers come, you can ease some the strain by making a detailed list of what’s left to be done. Include everything, from the rooms that need cleaning to the items that need to be given away to the people who need to be notified of your new address. Cross everything off as you go along. You’ll be able to see your progress in action, and it can motivate you to complete your tasks.

3. Make Packing a Family Activity

Simplify the packing process by making it a group effort, especially since people tend to work more efficiently as a group. Enlist family to help you and assign each person a room. Make sure that spaces are equipped with boxes and markers, then get to work. You can play some music in the background and have some lunch together to catch up and liven the mood.

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