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How to Get Your RV Ready for a Road Trip September 6, 2019

Foley, Baldwin
How to Get Your RV Ready for a Road Trip , Foley, Alabama

Traveling in an RV is a great way to explore new places while maintaining all the comforts of home. If you’re planning to embark on a road trip to a national park or to check out fall foliage in the mountains, you should take the time to properly prepare for the journey. This includes making sure your vehicle is in good condition. Performing a few routine maintenance tasks will help keep you safe on the road and allow you to determine if there are any RV repairs that need to be taken care of before you leave. Here are some essential tips for getting maximum performance and enjoyment.

Pre-Vacation RV Repair & Maintenance Checklist 

Inspect the Engine 

If the engine isn’t working correctly, you’ll have a difficult time going anywhere. Check that all the fluid levels are where they need to be, including the oil, coolant, brake, and transmission, and top them off as needed. Make sure the fan belts are tight and don’t have cracks, and inspect the battery for corrosion. Assess the hoses and water pump for leaks, and have them replaced by an RV repair technician if necessary.

Examine the Exterior 

RV repairOver time, your RV’s tires can wear down and crack or lose traction. This increases the possibility of a blowout and creates a sliding hazard. Examine your tires closely and have them replaced if they show major deterioration. Additionally, check that your headlights are bright and provide good visibility, and go over the seams around the vents, skylights, AC unit, and roof edges to ensure they’re sealed tightly so water can’t leak into your RV.

Check Over the Interior 

Be sure you check the inside of your RV just as thoroughly as the outside. Look for any evidence of moisture on the walls or under the sink, as this can be a sign of a plumbing leak. Test your electrical outlets and switches to see if they’re working safely, and make sure all your appliances are functioning. If your RV uses a propane tank, check the fittings for leaks and make sure it’s filled. If you detect any connectivity issues, reach out to an RV repair expert for the appropriate maintenance.


For help ensuring your RV is ready to set out on a new adventure, bring it to the experts at Foley Auto & RV Repair. They offer more than 20 years of auto industry experience and will provide you with high-quality RV repairs at an affordable price. Their trained and skilled technicians proudly serve residents throughout Baldwin County, AL, and are equipped to handle a variety of problems that might arise with your vehicle. Call (251) 971-3770 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information on services. 

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