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3 Ways to Prevent & Manage Car Lockouts September 18, 2019

Perry, Franklin
3 Ways to Prevent & Manage Car Lockouts, Perry, Ohio

Sitting around waiting for a car lockout service is a frustrating experience—one that could potentially derail your entire day. Although you can’t completely eliminate the risk of human error, you can take a few steps to curtail the likelihood and impact of a lockout. The guide below shares some locksmith-approved tips for keeping your keys where they should be.

3 Ways to Minimize the Chance of a Lockout

1. Form Good Habits

locksmithIt seems car lockouts happen only on the worst days—when you’re tired, frazzled, or otherwise distracted. Your best defense against locking yourself out of your car when you’re not as alert as you should be is establishing a routine that’ll prevent your leaving your keys in the car. Each time you exit, put your keys in a specific place, like one of your pockets, a purse, or a briefcase. If your car has an electric fob, always use it to lock car doors so you don’t lock yourself out without it.

2. Make Spares

Having several spares in case your keys get lost or stolen is smart. Extras can also come in handy in a lockout situation. Some owners are comfortable with putting a spare in a hide-a-key magnetic box under the chassis. If that tactic seems unsafe, give a spare to a family member or close friend who lives in your area.

3. Know Who to Call

When necessary, call a locksmith to unlock your doors. Don’t use a coat hanger to attempt entry or you could damage your car. Instead, save the number of a local locksmith in your phone. The next time you’re locked out, a quick call will limit the inconvenience of a lockout.


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