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3 HVAC Tips for Combating Fall Allergies September 12, 2019

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3 HVAC Tips for Combating Fall Allergies, Mount Vernon, Ohio

Fall is undoubtedly a beautiful season. In the midst of all the colorful leaves and apple cider, however, this time of year can also be a season full of allergies. These particles can give you a stuffy nose, clogged sinuses, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Your home can be a refuge from these issues if you take care of some important HVAC maintenance tasks. Below are some tips to keep in mind that will help you avoid allergies in your home this autumn. 

How to Help Your HVAC System Battle Allergens

1. Replace Your Air Filters

havc maintenanceRegularly replacing your air filters is one of the most important HVAC maintenance tasks when it comes to battling fall allergens. Over time, an air filter will lose its ability to trap the outdoor air particles, causing a lower quality of indoor air and the pollen to come inside. Try to replace the filter every three months. During periods of heavy system use, you should replace it every month to maintain peak efficiency and pristine air.

2. Consider a Duct Cleaning

Many HVAC systems rely on a complex series of ducts to move warm and cool air throughout a home. Over time, this ductwork can accumulate a large amount of dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens. Without checking a duct cleaning off your HVAC maintenance list, your system will blow these particles around your home in addition to the air. A professional duct cleaning, however, will make sure the ductwork is perfectly clean and help to decrease the impact of the allergens on your health.

3. Schedule an Inspection

Your system can’t properly filter the air it circulates if it’s not operating at peak efficiency. During an inspection, an HVAC maintenance professional will thoroughly check the system for any issues or inefficiencies that could impact your indoor air quality. Once all of the necessary repairs and tweaks have been made, you’ll be able to enjoy the fall knowing your HVAC system is working properly to keep you allergy-free. 


Make it through the fall allergies with the help of Jon’s Plumbing & Heating in Mount Vernon, OH. Since 1998, these HVAC maintenance contractors have provided high-quality services for both heating and cooling systems. The team of experienced technicians will make sure your plumbing and HVAC systems are running efficiently and also offer solutions to increase the quality of your home’s air. Visit the website for more information on their services or call (740) 392-5667 to speak with a representative today.

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