Downtown Dayton, Ohio

4 Benefits of Concrete Lifting September 16, 2019

Downtown Dayton, Dayton
4 Benefits of Concrete Lifting, Dayton, Ohio

Over time, your concrete driveway may sink into the earth and become slanted or uneven, interfering with your ability to park straight or safely traverse the surface. However, tearing up and replacing this feature can often be expensive, time-consuming, and interfere with your ability to use your property. Rather than replacing it altogether, you might want to consider hiring a contractor that specializes in concrete lifting. To keep money in your wallet, consider the many benefits of choosing this service.

4 Reasons to Consider Concrete Lifting

1. Affordable

concrete lifting Indianapolis, IN Cincinnati, OHConcrete lifting is much less expensive compared to replacing your driveway. Though prices vary depending on the size and scope of the project, concrete lifting typically costs significantly less than having to replace the surface entirely.

2. Eco-Friendly

When you replace your concrete driveway, the discarded slabs and debris will create landfill waste. However, since concrete lifting involves using a hydraulic method to raise the sunken slabs, there will be no waste, which makes it the more environmentally responsible option. 

3. Quick & Convenient

Concrete lifting only takes about one to two hours to complete, and you can start using the surface again immediately. Installing a new driveway takes up to 28 days to cure before you can safely walk or park vehicles on the surface.

4. Preserve Your Lawn & Landscaping 

When you replace your driveway, your contractor will most likely need to dig up the grass and foliage along the perimeter to pour concrete or asphalt. Fortunately, with concrete lifting, your lawn and landscaping will remain intact without the need for reseeding or replanting. This is because the hydraulic system is placed under the existing surface without the need to dig into your yard or other exterior features.


When you’re ready to restore the surface of your driveway, get in touch with Jaco Waterproofing about concrete lifting services. They will evaluate your surface and ensure that the concrete lifting process is quick and seamless. For over four decades, this contractor has provided foundation repairs, concrete sealing, and basement waterproofing to clients throughout the Indianapolis and Cincinnati areas. Call (317) 721-9379 to get a quote on concrete lifting and schedule an appointment. Visit them online to learn more about the many services they provide to residential and commercial properties. 

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