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5 Skills Your Child Learns in Preschool September 27, 2019

South End, Newport-Fort Thomas
5 Skills Your Child Learns in Preschool, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Generally speaking, most kids start preschool at 3 or 4 years old, though the entry age varies case by case. Many child care centers teach foundational skills that your kid builds upon in later grades, helping them function in school and life. Here are some skills and lessons you can expect your child to experience.

Lessons Kids Learn in a Preschool Program

1. Language Skills

Young children with strong listening and speaking skills are less likely to struggle in future grades. Preschool allows kids to communicate with and understand each other. The teacher encourages those skills by labeling items around the classroom or asking preschoolers to describe why they like a specific book or toy.

2. Writing Skills

Although most children don’t begin writing complete words until age 5, preschool teachers demonstrate writing for kids. They also encourage your child to use markers and crayons so that they can acclimate to general writing movements.

3. Science Skills

Children are naturally curious about the world, so preschool science lessons foster that desire. Your child may explore outside, practice cooking, or grow a garden.

Preschool4. Motor Skills

Art projects that involve cutting, drawing, or painting help your kid develop fine motor skills. As your child grows, these motor skills help them with daily activities like working buttons or zippers and using utensils.

5. Social & Emotional Skills

Simple acts—like saying “please” and “thank you” or learning to share—strengthen your child’s social awareness. Preschoolers work in groups and learn to communicate their needs to others, reinforcing language skills as well.


Kids & Cribs Child Enrichment Center has been providing engaging and age-appropriate activities for kids in Fort Thomas, KY, since 1984. Each age group has separate classrooms, and the facility has shaded areas for outdoor exploration. The professional staff doesn’t believe in merely babysitting your child; instead, they engage your children based on their specific needs and interests. Learn more about their enriching preschool program online, or call (859) 441-5888 to learn about enrollment today.

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