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Guide to Hosting an Outdoor Party While Staying Cool October 1, 2019

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Guide to Hosting an Outdoor Party While Staying Cool, Groveland-Mascotte, Florida

When preparing for a patio party, most people are concerned with the food, music, and decor. You should also consider ways to keep your guests cool in the Florida heat. From installing retractable awnings to offering chilled drinks, here are four tips for having an awesome outdoor soiree.

4 Outdoor Party Hosting Tips for Florida

1. Start Later

In early October, the hottest part of the day is around 3 p.m., and the sun sets around 7, so host parties at 5 p.m.—you’ll start with a lower temperature, making your guests more comfortable. Additionally, consider having everyone hangout under retractable awnings.

2. Serve Plenty of Hydration Options

Your guests will need plenty of drink options to ensure they’re staying hydrated. Alcoholic beverages contribute to dehydration, and so do sugary sodas—they’re diuretics.

Make fruit water by dicing up mangos, strawberries, and lemon and placing it in a pitcher with ice water. Create tasty sparkling water and citrus drinks for kids.

3. Choose Chilled Foods 

retractable awningsAvoid using ovens and stoves when it’s hot outside. Instead of cooking, serve only chilled foods. From a tasty fruit bowl to Caprese salad and smoked salmon, there are many ways to cater to your guests' dietary needs without heating up the kitchen. 

4. Encourage Water Activities

As water evaporates off the skin, your guests’ will feel cooler. Provide them with a blow-up pool, water spray toy, or sprinkler. 


If you’re preparing for a party and need retractable awnings, contact Central Florida Awnings in Lake County, FL. The family-owned and operated company offers more than 25 years of experience helping clients decide on the best sunshade devices for their needs. Call the Groveland-area company at (844) 629-6464, or visit the website for information on their many retractable awning materials from canvas to laminated fabric, and much more.

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