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5 Refrigerator Mistakes That'll Cost You Money September 18, 2019

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5 Refrigerator Mistakes That'll Cost You Money, Delhi, Ohio

From the moment you get a new refrigerator, it’ll likely be plugged in and running until the day it’s replaced. This can overwork your appliance, costing you on expensive fridge repairs and spoiled food. Keep your refrigerator running longer, and keep your energy bills down, by avoiding these common mistakes.

Simple Fridge Mistakes to Avoid

1. Filling It to the Brim

Packing your refrigerator fully after every shopping trip makes the appliance work harder to keep temperatures down, resulting in higher utility bills. You might also end up with more spoiled food if you stuff your fridge, as cold air can’t circulate as effectively. If you struggle to reach into the back of your refrigerator, take non-perishable items out or buy less during your next shopping trip.

2. Forgetting to Check Its Temperature

Fridge repair technicians recommend checking the temperature often, which is an easy step to save money. Temperatures that are too low will increase your energy bill, and temperatures that are too high will spoil your food. Make sure your fridge thermometer is between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit to lower your energy bills and inhibit bacterial growth. 

3. Cleaning It Infrequently

fridge repairAllowing dust, dirt, and grime to collect under your fridge will make it less efficient, especially when that dust covers the condenser coils. Dirty coils can’t cool quickly, causing your refrigerator to warm up. Also, clean the inside of your refrigerator with a white vinegar and water solution as part of your kitchen cleaning routine to prevent cross-contamination and bacterial growth.

4. Placing Extra-Perishable Items In The Door

Since your refrigerator door is opened repeatedly throughout the day and exposed to warm air, it’s the most temperate section of the appliance. Place highly-perishable foods and drinks such as milk, produce, and cheeses on the shelves instead of housing them in the door to keep them fresh.

5. Storing Food While It’s Hot

Putting soup, casseroles, and other hot food in your refrigerator instantly raises the appliance’s temperature. When the thermometer surpasses 40 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria can start growing. Prevent this from happening by letting hot leftovers cool to room temperature before packaging and refrigerating them.


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