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Troubleshooting 3 Common Copier & Multi-Function Printer Issues October 2, 2019

Jessup, Anne Arundel
Troubleshooting 3 Common Copier & Multi-Function Printer Issues, Jessup, Maryland

Copiers and multi-function printers are among the most utilized types of equipment in any office. These devices need to run smoothly to ensure a workplace’s effective operation. Breakdowns have a direct impact on productivity and efficiency, and they can be extremely frustrating, too. Below are three common copier and multi-function printer issues and how to fix and prevent each of them.

How to Fix Common Copier & Printer Problems

1. Paper Jams

Whether in the office or at home, you’ve likely encountered a paper jam at one point or another. In many cases, jams occur through no fault of one's own; the machine simply fails to regulate a proper paper feed. Dust and dirt buildup along the feed tires can also cause paper jams. To fix this problem, remove the panel around the paper feed and gingerly remove the clogged sheets. Most modern copiers and multi-function printers will provide you with directions on how to do this. To prevent jams, load paper uniformly and evenly into the device. Dust or vacuum the feed tires on a routine basis.

2. Low Print Quality

multi-function printerIf the text or images you're printing or copying are light, dull, or lacking in crispness, it’s often a sign that the device's toner is on its way out. You can try removing the toner cartridge, shaking it between 15 and 20 times (while being careful not to get toner on your clothes), and replacing it. However, while this might suffice for a few more print jobs, the best course of action is to keep the office well-stocked with toner.

3. Sluggish Output

A device that’s noticeably slow or full of delays is probably unable to meet the demands of your office. Copiers and printers come in a wide range of sizes and capacities, and a smaller unit won’t be able to keep up with the high print/copy needs of a larger workplace. To remedy this, invest in a higher capacity machine that can handle increased print and copy volumes. An alternative would be to purchase a few smaller devices and designate them to specific workstations so the workload can be minimized as much as possible.



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