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Common Roof Maintenance Mistakes Homeowners Make October 4, 2019

Common Roof Maintenance Mistakes Homeowners Make, ,

Proper roof care is essential to ensure the safety of the home and the people who live inside. However, some homeowners fail to look after their roofing or try to perform repairs that they should leave to professional roofers, which may jeopardize the security and longevity of their roofs. The following is a guide to some common roof maintenance errors that homeowners should avoid.

What Maintenance Tasks Should You Do?

roofersCleaning gutters is a crucial part of roof care that is often neglected. When gutters are full of debris, they cannot effectively channel water away from the home. Otherwise it could pool onto the roof, making it more vulnerable to leaks and possibly attracting termites and other pests.

Another issue comes from overhanging tree branches. If left unchecked, overgrowth will scrape against a roof and destroy shingles, knock off eaves and gutters, and, in extreme cases, harm the underlayment and deck. 

Why Should You Leave Repairs to the Roofers?

Any repairs should always be handled by a professional roofer, as there are obvious risks to climbing up on your roof without any safety precautions. Schedule an annual inspection to have a roofing contractor see what repairs are needed — they may be able to fix them on the spot.

Another reason is that some do-it-yourself repairs could void your roof’s warranty. If you take on the repairs yourself, particularly with third-party parts, you’re risking not only your safety but also your financial security if you need costly repairs down the line. Look through your roofing paperwork to see what you should avoid and talk with your roofing contractor to make sure all the repairs are done professionally.


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