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WiFi Routers: Apple® Express, Extreme or Time Capsule September 6, 2019

Bend, Deschutes
WiFi Routers: Apple® Express, Extreme or Time Capsule, Bend, Oregon

Apple® computers, iPhones®, iPads® are all Apple® products.  Built by Apple®.  Supported by Apple®.  Runs Apple® software.  But did you know that Apple® also created other items to complement their hardware and software?  Let’s take a look at some of the items that help you get on the internet at home.  These certified pre-owned items can be found and purchased at Experimac Bend.

A router creates WiFi in your home.  A modem brings the internet into the home, but without WiFi, you can not access it.  This is where the router comes in.  

Apple® built three types of routers.  I get confused so here is my simple interpretation of these routers.

Airport Express: a lightweight router designed for small places, like apartments, small homes, or dorm rooms.  It is a great extender for the Extreme.

Airport Extreme: More powerful/faster router, designed for larger areas and for more devices/ users to use.  

Airport Time Capsule: Just like the Extreme, but with a built in hard drive with 2 TB or 3 TB storage capacity.  This allows for a Time Machine backup.  Backups are always a good thing.

This is a great article explaining things a little better.

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