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3 Places in Your House That Are Secretly Grimy September 12, 2019

Deer Park, Harris
3 Places in Your House That Are Secretly Grimy, Deer Park, Texas

Germs, bacteria, grime, and other buildup are ever-present in every home. Depending on your cleaning schedule, the amount can vary, but there are certain areas where they tend to accumulate. If you’re looking to up your home cleaning skills or even hire a cleaning service, make sure the following areas are addressed.

Which Are the Dirtiest Areas of Your Home? 

1. Kitchen

If you’re like most homeowners, your kitchen is the dirtiest room, which can be a problem since this is where you eat food. Countless germs can spread from molding foods, trash, and other products you’ve brought into the home. Invest in disinfectant wipes and wash dishes and surfaces daily as a part of your home cleaning routine. Most importantly, always wash your hands before preparing or eating food.

2. Bathroom

home-cleaning-maid-brigade-of-southeast-houstonThe bathroom has many places for bacteria to hide, including faucets, the toilet, tub basins, and fixtures. If you don’t like to think about them traveling to your toothbrush, towels, makeup bag, and personal products, make sure the bathroom is a focal point in your home cleaning schedule.

3. Pet Areas

Pets will track all manner of dirt and bacteria into the home, so make sure you clean around where they eat, sleep, play, and use the bathroom. You should wash your pet’s bowl at least once a week and clear litter boxes daily. Pet dander can also trigger allergies, which is why it’s helpful to hire a cleaning service for regular deep cleanings too.


If you need a hand with your home cleaning responsibilities, Maid Brigade® of South East Houston has you covered. They have served customers throughout the Deer Park, TX, area since 2007. They address homes of every size, as well as businesses, and offer flexible scheduling options. Call (281) 484-6243 to schedule maid services and visit their website to learn more about the company. You can connect on Facebook for news and updates.