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What Causes Yeast Infections? November 14, 2019

Fulton, Oswego
What Causes Yeast Infections?, Fulton, New York

Vaginal yeast infections are common, yet frustrating women’s health issues. The majority of women will experience at least one in their lifetime, but when they do occur, patients often wonder what causes them in the first place. Generally, these infections occur when healthy yeast begins to multiply beyond normal levels. Explore some reasons why this can happen below.

A Brief Guide to Yeast Infections

What Leads to Yeast Infections?

Any time the chemistry within the vaginal environment is altered, it can cause yeast to overpopulate. Factors which can lead to these circumstances include antibiotics, immune system issues, and reactions to another individual’s genital chemistry.

Yeast infections are not STDs. Rarely, they do develop on the penis and scrotum, and while they can be transmitted through sex, they can also occur without sexual intercourse, and are therefore not STDs. Hormonal changes, such as those experienced during pregnancy, taking birth control, and diabetes may also predispose a woman to yeast infections. Using douches or scented hygiene products could contribute to the infection as well.

What Are the Symptoms?

women's healthYeast infections are commonly characterized by itching, irritation, and burning, as well as discharge. The vaginal discharge may be thick and white or gray in color. Additionally, pain during urination or sexual intercourse may also occur. Women may also notice redness and swelling of the vagina. Because these symptoms may also occur with other conditions as well, it’s always wise to see a women’s health specialist if they persist.

How Are They Treated?

Oftentimes, yeast infections can be treated effectively with over-the-counter medications. Creams and suppositories can be purchased at local drugstores and are sold without a prescription. Some patients prefer to see their women’s health professionals for recurring yeast infections or for quicker treatment, such as a single pill which can be acquired with a doctor’s prescription.



If you’re experiencing a yeast infection or any other women’s health issue, turn to Oswego County OB-GYN PC. Serving the Fulton, NY, area, this office has provided quality women’s care since 1960, including comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology services, as well as family planning and infertility counseling. Explore their full list of specialties online or call (315) 343-2590 to schedule an appointment.

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