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How to Choose the Right Garage Size When Buying a Home September 25, 2019

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How to Choose the Right Garage Size When Buying a Home, Middletown, Ohio

Everyone has a wish list when buying a new home, but that list is usually only for the house itself. Considering your garage requirements before making a purchase saves future costs from expansion, replacing garage doors, and exposing your belongings to the outside elements. Think about the following factors when choosing a garage for your family.

Think About Storage Needs

List of all additional items you need to store, such as recycling bins, extra freezers, or lawn furniture. Also, measure recreational vehicles that need storage during certain parts of the year. While a small shed can accommodate shovels, wheelbarrows, or lawnmowers, a garage is appropriate for ATVs, boats, and trailers.

Take Hobbies Into Account

Aside from what you currently own, think about your long-term goals. Garages are perfect for workbenches, band practice, and art studios. You may only want to store one car, but securing a two-car garage would help you launch your small business.

Consider Your Vehicles

Garage DoorsMeasure any vehicles you want to store in your garage. The minimum size for a one-car garage is 12 feet by 22 feet, while the minimum for a two-car garage is 18 feet by 22 feet. These dimensions fit most standard cars, but oversized trucks may need more room and larger garage doors.

Decide on Garage Doors

Two- and three-car garages can either have individual doors for each bay or one large garage door. Single doors let you access only the items you need and help maintain the temperature inside because you only open part of the space. On the other hand, double-sized doors require less maintenance and lower electric costs because there is only one set of tracks in use.


No matter what size you choose, every garage needs beautiful and secure garage doors. For more than 20 years, C & C Garage Door and Services, LLC, has been providing the Middletown, OH, community with reliable doors that keep families safe and your home temperature-controlled. Whether you need a new garage door or a new opener, you’ll receive exceptional service at affordable prices every time. Learn more about their services online, or call (513) 423-6205 to schedule an appointment today.

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