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How Does Acupuncture Work? Dr. Gary Danchak at South Reno Acupuncture Explains September 18, 2015

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How Does Acupuncture Work? Dr. Gary Danchak at South Reno Acupuncture Explains, Reno Southeast, Nevada

Most people are familiar with the way acupuncture looks, but many don’t understand how it actually works. So you may be wondering: what do those needles really do? This ancient tradition of medicine that has been passed down for thousands of years is a popular counterpoint to Western medicine for many ailments, from headaches to infertility. Dr. Gary Danchak, OMD of South Reno Acupuncture explains three key facts about this exciting method of treatment:

  • It’s All About Qi: According to traditional Chinese medicine, Qi is the vital flow of energy throughout the body. When this energy is out of balance, an acupuncturist will help rebalance the body’s qi by carefully placing thin needles in major energy points in the body, known as meridians.
  • A Balanced Body Feels Better: An energy imbalance manifests itself negatively in the body—what Westerners might refer to as pain, disease, or disorder. When these paths of energy are rebalanced and renewed, the symptoms of imbalance will begin to dissipate. As part of a holistic medicine approach, Dr. Danchak may also suggest healing natural herbal remedies.
  • There Are Many Kinds of Acupuncture: Many cultures have practiced the art of acupuncture for ages, so there are several approaches to this healing treatment. Dr. Danchak is trained in Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese acupuncture, so he can draw from this multifaceted background as needed in accordance with your individualized needs and responses to treatment.

Whether you’re a curious first-timer or a long-time fan of natural healing remedies, you’ll find just what you need at South Reno Acupuncture. To learn more about acupuncture, natural herbal remedies, holistic medicine, and more, call (775) 849-9800 or visit their website.