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A Tree Care Guide for Storm Safety September 27, 2019

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A Tree Care Guide for Storm Safety, Newburgh, New York

One of the most dangerous aspects of a storm is the possibility that it might bring down a branch—or worse, an entire tree—on your front lawn. Fallen tree limbs and trunks can cause major damage if they land on your home or car, and can even injure your family. To prevent injuries, it’s wise to practice tree care preparation in advance of the storm. The guide below highlights the importance of tree care safety during a storm and how you can prepare. 

Understanding Tree Care Storm Safety

Why Is a Strong Storm Dangerous for Trees?

Wind is one of the biggest threats to trees during a storm. Storms can produce wind strong enough to break branches, while hail can weigh down tree limbs and break them. Flooding also weakens the ground around a tree's roots, so a strong gust of wind can even knock it over.

How Can You Prepare Your Tree Before a Storm?

Tree CareIt's essential to have a trained tree care professional examine your trees. They will look for any weak areas in the branches, the trunks, and any showing roots. A dead or dying branch will break more easily in a storm, so they’ll likely cut those problematic limbs before they become a hazard.

Tree care experts will also spot problems that might cause a tree to tumble, such as a double trunk or diseased roots. Depending on its condition, they may remove the structure altogether to promote safety. 

What Makes a Tree Stronger?

A single, healthy trunk is stronger than a divided trunk, making it less likely to split. Healthy wood free of fungus and pests is stronger and more flexible than dead, decaying wood, so it won't break as easily. If a tree's branches are close together, they can collide in high winds, so professionals will also check the spacing of limbs to make sure they have enough room. Finally, regular tree pruning from a young age helps train your trees into strong, healthy shapes that are less likely to be damaged by a storm.



If you need tree care to keep your greenery safe from a storm, the team at 4 Seasons Tree Service in Newburgh, NY, will help. Serving the Greater Hudson Valley area for 20 years, they will help care for your trees, clean up any fallen branches, and handle tree removal as needed after a storm. They’re fully insured and offer 24-hour service at fair rates. Learn more about their company's services online or call (845) 565-8600 to schedule an appointment. 

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