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How Keyless Entry Cars Can Be Broken Into September 16, 2019

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How Keyless Entry Cars Can Be Broken Into, Richmond Hill, Georgia

Keyless entry mechanisms can make it easier for drivers to get in and out of their vehicles. They use embedded chips that emit a signal to indicate when the driver is approaching the vehicle, and the car unlocks automatically. However, this feature isn’t completely foolproof and doesn’t completely negate the need for traditional keys and car locksmith services in certain instances. Here’s what you need to know to protect your vehicle.

How Can You Spot Signal Theft?

Your key fob emits a low-frequency signal at all times, unless it includes an off switch. This means that if someone gets close to you with the right tech equipment, they could potentially access your signal. There are amplifiers and transmitters available that allow people to capture the signal from inside your house or bag and then relay it to your vehicle.

What Are the Signs of Signal Blocking?

car-locksmith-Richmond-Hill-GASome thieves may even try to gain access to your car simply by preventing you from locking it. If you’re used to your car locking automatically, you could be less likely to double-check that your key fob is working. Thieves can use signal jammers to block the frequency from reaching your vehicle and securing the doors, giving them full access once you walk away.

How Do You Know You’ve Been Hacked?

Some thieves may also use devices that simply guess the code used in your vehicle’s signal. They will make a lot of incorrect guesses, but they can make a ton of attempts in a short period. The longer your vehicle is left alone, the better their chances of pulling up the correct signal, which would allow them to access your vehicle and drive it away.


If you’re looking to make your vehicle more secure, it’s time to discuss your options with a car locksmith. Richmond Hill Locksmith in Richmond Hill, GA, is a full-service locksmith that offers lock replacement, deadbolt installation, rekeying, and car unlocking service. The locally owned home and car locksmith is known for providing honest and reliable service. They never overcharge or scam customers. Visit the company’s website for a full list of services. To request assistance, call the car locksmith at (912) 727-3878.

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