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5 Tips to Winterize Your Sprinkler System September 17, 2019

Antelope Park, Lincoln
5 Tips to Winterize Your Sprinkler System, Lincoln, Nebraska

With cooler temperatures soon to set in, you’ll be relying on sprinklers less frequently. Without advanced preparation, your home’s irrigation could be damaged by the approaching freezing weather. To ensure the system is protected from the elements, utilize the following advice.

How to Prepare a Sprinkler System for Colder Weather

1. Shut Off the System

Around mid-fall, turn off the water supply that connects to your sprinklers. Then, use foam insulation tape and plastic to cover the main shut-off valve. If any piping is above ground, make sure you apply insulation to it, as well.

2. Adjust Control Settings

Most sprinkler systems have a timer that owners can use to create a daily watering schedule. Turn these settings off. If the system is automatic, you may be able to use a “rain mode” to turn off the system signals without losing any of the pre-set programs.

3. Empty Pipes

sprinklerRemove any lingering water from the pipes. Even small amounts of water can freeze and cause your pipes to expand, leading to extensive damage. How you drain them will depend on what kind of system you have. Some come equipped with an automatic drain valve, while others require you to use a compressed air blow-out method.

4. Schedule a Maintenance Check

Whether this is the first time you’re winterizing your pipes or you haven’t had a maintenance check in a while, schedule an appointment with an irrigation specialist. This will allow them to walk you through the steps of properly preparing your system for cold weather, while also giving them time to inspect the components for any potential or developing issues.

  1. Or just make it easier on yourself and call us at Whittemore Sprinkler Company because we know what to do and we have the tools to do it!  Especially if you have a system that needs an air compressor to be blown out.  So just call the professionals at Whittemore Sprinkler Company and let us take care of the winterization of your underground lawn sprinkler system for you. 


If you are trying to get your sprinklers ready for winter but aren’t sure where to start, contact the professionals at Whittemore Sprinkler Company in Lincoln, NE. In addition to helping winterize your irrigation system, the lawn care professionals can also install, repair, and perform tune-ups on irrigation systems. To learn more about their offerings, visit this team online. Call 402-476-8552 with questions.

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