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Top 3 Signs for Plumbing Repair October 2, 2019

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Top 3 Signs for Plumbing Repair, East Ellijay, Georgia

As it ages, many issues can affect your plumbing system. Pipes can corrode or collapse or become breached by roots from nearby trees. When this happens, you can either repair or upgrade the system. Below are some of the key signs you need plumbing repair or replacement.

Signals for Plumbing Repair

1. Low Pressure

plumbing repair in Ellijay, GALow water pressure is inconvenient when you're showering because it’s difficult to rinse the soap off. Pressure also affects the performance of your dishwasher and clothes washer, and it can leave loads dirty. If only a single faucet is affected, you may have a clogged pipe. However, if it affects multiple taps, you might have a leak that's wasting water and costing you money each month.

2. Water Stain

When a pipe cracks or a joint fails, leaking water dribbles a drop at a time. After days or weeks, this leak can result in water stains darkening your ceiling or walls. If you spot darkened spots, peeling wallpaper, or paint bubbling, contact a plumbing repair specialist for assistance because the damage will worsen.

3. Rusty Water

Discolored water—brown or orange—is a sign that your pipes are starting to rust. It could affect the flavor and odor of the water, as well. Drinking rusty water shouldn't cause immediate harm, but it is unpleasant, and the corrosion could lead to other problems. For instance, it could collect mineral deposits that restrict water flow. Because of the corrosion and the increased pressure through a narrowing aperture, the pipe could eventually burst and flood your home.

To determine whether you need plumbing repair or a new plumbing system, contact Dependable Plumbing in Ellijay, GA, to schedule a plumbing inspection. They have served clients around Gilmer County for more than 25 years and also specialize in drain cleaning, septic tank repair, and sewer system services. Visit their website to message them online, or call (706) 698-5000 to arrange a consultation. 

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